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ICARO Middleware for SAP©

Our middleware can be purchased or rented in 3 different forms:

  • On premises: Our middleware is installed and configured on your Windows or Linux server.
  • SaaS: We run the middleware for you in our cloud.
  • Managed Appliance: We install and configure our middleware on our hardware. This appliance requires network and power, and is located either at your site or at your IT service provider.

Fundamental SAP Functions:

Our middleware receives SAP data and sends data to SAP, so from SAP’s point of view it is both client and server.

Currently, the SAP proprietary technology RFC is still predominantly used, but our middleware understands HTTPS, XML and others.

Via RFC, either iDOCs are received or sent, or an SAP function module (BAPI), table or report is called directly.

The middleware masters all SAP options such as SNC or load balancing.

Our middleware also has a connection to SuccessFactors Time Tracking.

Fundamental functionalities:

  • Conversion of iDOC to files with selectable character sets
  • Logging of SAP connection and backups of all data
  • Security and Privacy by Design ( DSGVO )

Additional licence features:

  • Manipulation of data during download and before upload to SAP
  • Distribution and aggregation to or from multiple subsystems

ICARO Middleware BAPI-Handler

Our core product since 1990, the BAPI Handler connects our middleware to SAP R/3 and S/4 via RFC. Based on SAP ALE format, it creates files from iDOCs and vice versa. Various manipulations, code page adjustments and many details made the BAPI Handler our number 1 product with several thousand installations. Currently BAPI Handler has version 5.20 , in 2023 version 6 will be released with many improvements, and targeted for security and privacy.

ICARO Middleware RFC-Manager

The RFC Manager typically calls SAP function modules and supplies their import and export tables and parameters. Filters and various manipulations make this product indispensable if there are no or insufficient message types or BAPIs in SAP.

ICARO Middleware ICMUX

The ICMUX is a multi-client manager, on both ends: One can distribute data to multiple SAP systems or clients, or split SAP data to different subsystems. Since the ICMUX remembers the split, data is automatically assigned to the correct channels.

ICARO SuccessFactors Time Tracker

Time events such as clocking in/out are posted to SuccessFactors. The HR-PDC mode makes it easier for our partners to connect to the new SAP HCM product.