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ICARO BAPI HANDLER: Data exchange with SAP™, so easy

Since 1991 our SAP certified BAPI Handler has formed a comprehensive set of interfaces primarily for Time Recording, Access Control, PDC and related applications which require both SAP Master Data from HCM, PP etc., as well as well data transactions which must be imported into SAP – all of which is handled with utmost security and reliability.

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Daily SAP-bookings via our BAPI-Handler

SAP Certification

SAP regularly certifies partner products regularly, e.g. for HR-PDC.

Our Icaro BAPI Handler is certified in accordance with CA-AMS. The certificate is proof that our BAPI Handler can read and write ALE IDOCs processed by the SAP integration tool RFC.

SAP Plant Data Control (PDC)

SAP has provided standard interfaces since 1991 for Time Recording and PDC systems: currently these include HR-PDC and PP-PDC for applications based on SAP NetWeaver.

On the one hand SAP Master Data is made available for download and, on the other, data transactions are received and posted within SAP.

The SAP Middleware Technology is based on ALE, enabling a professional and stabile interface suitable for handling mass data.

Installation and Customizing

Our experts have been supporting SAP partners and customers for over 30 years in setting up SAP PDC interfaces, both during the configuration of our BAPI Handler as well as SAP customizing.

We take care of proper and secure configuration of the SAP ALE Distribution Model, correct communication to the external file system, provision of master data and collection of data transactions, and the interaction of all components.

For SAP partners and those who want to become one

For SAP partners the BAPI Handler constitutes a blackbox for transferring data to and from SAP. We update the BAPI Handler continuously, but have also demonstrated through several thousand installations that once installed, it always runs with maximum stability.

“Our company has been running a version of your BAPI Handler for around 14 years for data communication between our SAP HR system and a PDC system. Due to a hardware transition on the PDC system side we are now forced to re-install the BAPI Handler …”

Quote from a customer dated Feb. 1 2019

Custom-made solution

Installation on Windows and Linux

BAPI-Handler runs as a Service without UI. Configuration takes place via parameters..

Modifications and customer requirements

We master easy and complex transformations, e.g. with badge IDs, Codepages, Naming conventions or Multi-Client

Extensive Logs

Various logs support you, your partner or us with identifying problems whether in network or communication with SAP.

Market leader

We master our business

Our BAPI Handler is number 1 for time recoding and PDC with SAP, supports more partners and customer systems than any other competitor, and shines due to its stability and performance.

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