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Icaro BAPI Handler – effective middleware for efficient connections to SAP


Our BAPI Handler is primarily used to connect partner systems for HR-PDC and PP-PDC, but also PM (Maintenance), CATS, HRMDA (SAP standard interface for HR Master Data) and individual applications, to SAP R/3 and S/4.

Detailed descriptions of SAP interfaces SAP HR-PDC, SAP PP-PDC, KK3 etc. can be found in the Download menu section, along with other related documents.


Our products offer a large selection of file formats, e.g. CSV, XML, JSON or other customer-specific formats.


A Remote Function Call (RFC) is the most frequently used SAP standard interface for communication with other SAP or non-SAP systems, including the ICARO BAPI Handler. In order to enable RFC communication between applications, an RFC client and an RFC server are required. The RFC server in the SAP system provides the desired SAP function modules. The RFC clients, as well as the Icaro BAPI Handler, call these function modules, exchange data, and receive a response via the RFC server.

ALE stands for Application Link Enabling and is SAP Middleware which enables the distribution of data either between SAP systems or from an SAP system to a third-party system.

The technical basis for data exchange via ALE is realized via the Intermediate Document (IDOC), which is essentially a container for data transfer. Each IDOC is the concrete manifestation of an IDOC message type, which defines the structure of the IDOC.

For example, in order to transfer time events such as clock-in or clock-out, the BAPI Handler utilizes the IDOC message type HRCC1UPTEVEN.


Needless to say, we configure the BAPI Handler safely; and that includes the correct setup of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway security features for Reginfo and Secinfo, but also for the encoded storage of passwords belonging SAP RFC users.

Furthermore, we will be glad to support you regarding the conversion to SNC for secure communication of your data.


Nowadays most SAP systems run on Unicode. The BAPI Handler can nevertheless also seamlessly connect non-Unicode systems to SAP systems.


We price the BAPI Handler per SAP target system, e.g. you will require 2 licenses for HR-PDC and PP-PDC. We offer price reductions for multiple licenses, test systems and multiple installations.

History of SAP Plant Data Collection (PDC)

In the mid-90s Jahre SAP announced in Release 3.0 the first certifiable interfaces for connecting KK1(HR), KK2(PP), KK3(PM) and the less commonly used interfaces KK4 and KK5. These interfaces installed an additional piece of software, the so-called transceiver, outside of SAP, near the subsystem. (  SAP Help Portal )

In 1998 the SAP Release 4.5 achieved the switch to the current SAP PDC, for HR and PP, which can now operate without the afore-mentioned transceiver.
However, for KK3 to KK5 there are no corresponding PDC standard interfaces.

Technically, the communication via KKx and SAP PDC was initially based on the “classic RFC Library” provided by SAP.

As of NetWeaver Release 7.10, its successor SAP NetWeaver RFC was introduced. Please note that the latter is updated on an irregular basis.

The classic RFC Library has been excluded from SAP maintenance since the end of 2016, whereas NetWeaver Library 7.20 currently used by the BAPI Handler will also no longer be maintained as of the end of 2019. (SAP Note 2451423 , SAP Marketplace User required).

In April 2019 we made the BAPI Handler 5 available with NetWeaver Library 7.50.

Actual release (2021-11): 5.00.10

ICARO BAPI Handler Release History and Outlook

Some of our SAP users still use the so-called classic BAPI-Handler. The last SAP release level is 3.6.2.

For SAP NetWeaver RFC 7.20, the last version is 4.16.4, which is also no longer offered for sale.

As of April 2019 the BAPI Handler for SAP NetWeaver has been available for NetWeaver’s 5th generation. It is based on the current SAP NetWeaver RFC 7.50 and is (downwards) compatible to all RFC versions which are still being maintained by SAP.

Actual release (2021-11): 5.00.10